June 27, 2020

Yarn shopping during this corona crisis

Besides from the yarn shopping, which I did at the knitting festival in Horsens in February month, I think, that I like many other knitters here in Denmark have been buying much yarn during the last 3 month (mid March - mid June) due to the on-going corona situation. It is a combination of that many shops very closed in Denmark, howver you could still buy yarn on the internet and plenty of spare time as so many activities like the cinema, museums and sport activities were closed leaving me with plenty of spare time.

Above you can see my first shopping, which was this large cone on 500 g Nature Seta Linn Wool (mixture of wool & linen) in camel nude for 500 g (139 DKK) and some follow on threads in Super Kid Mohair in the colours of rose and camel (20 DKK/25 g). All the yarn from Garnudsalg. My plan is to use the yarn for another version of this orange sweater.

As supplement to have a more soft follow thread I also brought Mayflower Super Kid Silk in rose at Yarnliving.

I did also buy this manddyed raw silk from Garnudsalg for 89 DKK for 100 g and a follow thread of pink Blackhill mulberry silk from Garnudsalg for 150 DKK for  100 g (a yarn used normally for embroidery) again from Garnudsalg. Here I am now in the process of knitting Kumulus Tee by PetiteKnit.

I have also located a 500 g cone of summer cashmere in rose for 299 DKK.

I did also buy some thick cotton in size 8/8, where it is my plan to knit some pot patches using multi patent knitting (learned at the knitting festival in Horsens).

At the same time I also brought some yarn from Onion knit No. 4, so I can knit another version of this knit cap in curry colour together with a portion of wool yarn for another knit cap.

In April I  also located this yarn kit for knitting for Easter eggs, so I can make own Easter decoration for Easter next year.

I also decided to knit a second of the "striber på langs sweater" using a mixture of  CaMaRose yaku 4/16 and CaMaRose Månestråle in golden curry colour, where I brought the yarn at my local yarn shop Garn i skovhytten.

In the weekly magazine "Hendes Verden" I found a recipe on poncho made in Tibet from Cewec.

My finally corona yarn shopping is Line from Sandnes Garn in the colour of rhubarb colour. My plan is to knit the Anker Summer Tee by PetiteKnit. Again I have  I brought the yarn at Garn i skovhytten.

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