November 20, 2010

First "Hjemmebagt" recipe accomplished - Frederiksgårds Frokostbrød

Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 1 accomplished = 72 recipes to bake

Great, I have managed to bake my first recipe from "Hjemmebagt" instead of my usual walnut buns. Frederiksgård Frokost is a bread containing spelt flour, yogurt, milk, salt, yeast and loads of kernels (sunflower, pumpkin and pine). It is so very easy to make the dough, mixing everything together in a mixing bowl using a spoon, and afterwards to raised for one hours in a bread form followed by baking.

Looking through the very tempting baking book yesterday late afternoon, I decided to make the bread due to the nice looking picture. And I was very surprised to see, that no kneading was acquired and no long resting time before baking the bread. NO planning ½-1 day in advanced, that you would like to bake a bread !!!!

The down side was, it was so difficult for me to get the bread OUT OFF of the baking form. So I am wondering, if I have used the right baking form or not. So I am planning to make a baking test, testing  two different baking forms next Sunday.
Next Sunday I am hosting the annual Tupperware Christmas candy party for various friends, where we end the afternoon eating The Potato Soup with bread. So it should be possible for me to try one of the Tupperware silicone baking forms for such a test

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