October 31, 2014

Light weight knitted neck tube

This knitted neck tube is very, very light weighted as it actually only has a total weight of 70 g !!!! And it took me no time at lot to knit this yarn into a neck tube, only two evenings knitting in front of the TV and I was finished.

This neck tube fits perfect to the various colour of my Autumn cloth and is excellent at keeping my throat warm and hopefully protecting me against the colds surrounding me.

October 29, 2014

The kitchen has disappeared !

My old HTH kitchen has totally disappeared from the earth's surface, perhaps a bit exaggerated but it is certainly completely away from my domain. 

It's "only" the floor and wall tiles that are left in the kitchen part of my living-dining area. And they are now awaiting their fate, when the bricklayer comes along to remove them from my home. Theywill be replaced with a new tile floor in the next coming days. The tiles for the wall will first arrive later on.

Køkkenet er væk !

Nu er mit gamle HTH køkken totalt forsvundet fra jordens oveflade, måske lidt overdrevet men det er ihvertfald væk fra mit domæne.

Det er "kun" gulv og vægfliser, der er tilbage i køkkendelen af mit stue-alrum. Og disse afventer nu deres skæbne, når mureren kommer forbi og fjerner dem fra mit åsyn. Og erstatter dem med et nye flisegulv i de kommende par dage. Vægfliserne kommer først på plads senere.

October 27, 2014

Goodbye old kitchen

A big goodbye and a huge thank you for outstanding and faithful service from my side to my old HTH kitchen and current white goods, which tomorrow Tuesday will be removed from the premises  by the kitchen fitter.

I have spent the last couple of days packing down all my kitchen utensils, pots, plates, glasses, cutlery and food except for the most necessary things, that I need in my "field kitchen" in the coming three weeks.

My "field kitchen" is located in the bathroom. It consists of a fridge, microwave, kettle, a shallow and a deep dish, two glasses, a mug, cutting board, a set of cutlery, various knives, carrot peeler, whisk, spatula, various container for microwave cooking.

Hannibal the Cat is having some difficulties understanding, where his food and water bowl has disappeared to ! He continues to go to the usual spot, where he sits down and awaits the food to show up !!!!
It will certainly take much longer time to pack it all out again, when the new kitchen is ready for me to move in, as I have to decided on places to place all my kitchen stuff. 

The amount of stuff, which you can store in 7 m2 is unbelievable  !!! All these many things are now placed all around in the house such as the bathroom, bedroom, guest room and living room.

I want to say welcome to three weeks of dust, clutter, rye bread, which starts tomorrow Tuesday. I will put on "yes-hat" and think positive thoughts of an amazing new kitchen

Farvel til mit gamle køkken

Der skal lyde et stort farvel og tak for god og tro tjeneste fra min side til mit gamle HTH køkken samt nuværende hårde hvidevarer, som i morgen tirsdag bliver pillet ned af køkken-montøren.

Jeg har brugt de sidste par dage på pakke alle mine køkkenredskaber, gryder, tallerkener, glas, bestik og madvarer ned med undtagelse af de meste nødvendige ting, som jeg skal bruge i mit "feltkøkken" i de kommende tre uger.

Mit "feltkøkken" er placeret i badeværelset. Det består af køleskab, mikrobølgeovn, el-kedel, en flad og en dyb tallerken, to glas, et krus, skærebræt, et sæt bestik, diverse knive, gulerodsskræller, piskeris, dejskraber, diverse beholder til tilberedning i mikrobølgeovn.

Katten (Hannibal) kan dog ikke forstår, hvor hans mad og vandskål er forsvundet hen ! Han bliver ved at gå hen til den sædvanlig placering, hvorpå han sætter sig søgende ned og venter på, at maden dukker op !!!!

Det kommer helt sikkert til at tage væsentlig længere tid at få pakket det hele ud igen, når det nye køkken er klart til indflytning. For så skal der jo tænke store tanker om bedst mulig placeringer.

Og hvor kan der dog være utrolige mange ting på 7 m2 !!! Alle disse mange ting befinder sig nu alle mulige steder rundt omkring i huset såsom badeværelse, soveværelse, gæsteværelse og stue.

Jeg vil byde velkommen til tre uger med støv, rod, rugbrødsmadder, som starter i morgen tirsdag. Jeg vil lide med anstand, mens jeg tager min "ja-hat" på og drømmer mig afsted til mit nye fantastiske køkken :-)

October 26, 2014

Vanilla pickled pears

The recipe on vanilla pickled pears I have found in the IRMA magazine called "Krydderiet", issue 3 August 2014. I am living the part of Denmark, where we have no access to IRMA, which is primarily located in the area of Copenhagen, as it is more price expensive Danish supermarket chain like M&S in UK.

Anyway, my mother lives in the Copenhagen area, so she picks up the IRMA magazine for me, as she knows I am keening on trying out new food recipes.

These pickled pears can be enjoyed as dessert served together with whipped dairy cream or ice cream. Another options is to let cheese accompany these pears. Any left over pear juice can also be stored cold, and served together with pan cakes, wafers or yogurt.

Vanilla pickled pears a la IRMA:

  • 1000 g pears - peeled, cored and roughly diced
  • 5 tablespoons lime juice
  • 500 g sugar
  • 1½ vanilla pod - corn and pod
  • 10 g pectin, dry-mixed with some part of the sugar - optional
  1. Put lime juice and pear pieces into a small cooking pot. Stir well, so the lime juice covers all the pear pieces, so they do not turn brownish, when exposed to air.
  2. Add in sugar, vanilla corns and pod,
  3. Gently cook up everything, stir regular in the cooking pot.
  4. Let it boil for 3 minutes.
  5. If you find the viscosity of the liquid part to be too thin, add in some pectin and let it boil for another 2 minutes.
  6. Prepare the jam glasses by filling them with boiling water. Another thing you can do in order to increase shelf-life, is to store the jam cold afterwards.
  7. Fill the glass with pickled pear incl the vanilla pod.
  8. Close the glass and store the pickled pears cold.

October 25, 2014

PINK muffin sale 2014 at work

My amazing work colleagues have once again participated in the annual muffin fund raising event for the fight against breast cancer as well as their positive response to this idea of mine. So a huge thank you to all of you for your support :-).

In October month there is a lot focus here in Denmark (like many other places in world) on breast cancer as well as collecting money to support both research in this sickness as well as support to women living with it.

As my work colleagues last year showed great support, it was an easy decision for me again to involve them. It becomes more and more easy for me to step out my own comfort zone "demanding" money from them prior to eat my muffins. Like last year I had baked muffins with Danish apples and cinnamon.

As "tradition demands" I leave it to each of my work colleagues to make up their own mind on the amount of money, which they like to donate. And if they ask for suggestion, I suggest 10 DKK as starting point. I received donations from 13 work colleagues, which in total donated 297 DKK, which equals a price on 22.85 DKK for each muffin, which is very similar to the muffin price last year. As any amount of money (not fixed value) is accepted by www.araceagainstbreastcancer.dk, they have received the collected money.


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