December 25, 2014

Juicer - kitchen equipment 26

As the annual Christmas present from work I have this year selected a juicer in form of OBH Juice Extractor Prestige, as I from time to time have been thinking buying a juicer for my kitchen without getting around actually doing it. The juicer came along with a small recipe booklet of 100 recipes of juice and smoothies.

First JuiceSelvKasse received
However, in order to get me started on using this juicer seriously  I have decided to get a regular JuiceSelvKassen from Årstiderne. This box contains ingredients for 2 portions of 3 different juices made from both fruit and vegetable. I think this will give me an excellent starting point for my own juice creation.

Some of the first things, which I have been juicing were palm cabbage and a plain head of lettuce. That gave a very, very green liquid, which I decided not to use further for any juice. Anyway I did not want to throw this green liquid, so instead off I added into a paste bolonaise sauce, which when went from having the usual red colour to being green !!!!

My second attempt was to made a juice from apples and fresh ginger. Here I added into so much ginger, that the finally juice was quiet burning to drink. Down the juice went anyway, so it could fit the surrounding season viruses.

I hope, that this juice will become a very used equipment in my little kitchen. And an active team player is getting ride of the fruit and vegetable, which I am struggling with sometimes to eat in my weekly vegetable box. If you can´t eat it, juice it !!!!

Well, keep dropping on a regular basis, and I will be sharing juice recipes with you :-) I think juice recipes will be a part of my TO-DO-LIST 2015.

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