August 19, 2011

What to bring with you to Switzerland ?

I have been on a short summer vacation at a good Danish friend living in Switzerland. And she kindly enough supplied me with a shopping list of much wanted Danish specialities. And if you, like I am, are curios, I will share this shopping list with you:

  • 2 kg Lurpak butter - the salted fermented version, as it is apparently is impossible to buy salted fermented butter outside Denmark
  • 2 glasses of marinated herring in curry marinate
  • 1 smoked fresh cheese called "rygeost", which should be the one and only original Danish cheese
  • 8 tins of mackerel in tomato sauce
  • 1 processed cheese with scrimps
Are you also receiving shopping lists with "funny" food specialities from your friends ?

Very soon I will share my food experiences in Switzerland with you.

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