November 30, 2013

Christmas fair at Trapholt Museum

I could have done with so more sleep this Saturday morning, but I wanted to present at the julemarked (Christmas fair) på Trapholt museum from the very beginning, before it became over crowed. So I was there at 9.50 o'clock ready to get in. And I spend 2 hours there only looking at the various arts and crafts boots. I started by taking a round to all the boots, when I made up my mind, what I could not live without and when I did the shopping part for both myself. I also brought two Christmas presents to my mother, who as usual wish nothing for Christmas !!!
Bird feeders

The entrance is free to both the fair as well as the museum, so you actually save 75 DKK, which is the normal entrance to the museum !!! The fair will also be open again tomorrow Sunday.
Would I return again ? YEEESSS This type of Christmas market is just the type of market I really adore.

At many boots the opening line was: please feel free to touch and feel :-) This makes you feel very welcome, if you like me are the type of person, who needs to both touch and see as part of the evaluation process.

Hand made garden table in ceramic tiles

I really adore this ceramic by Dorthe Hansen (dh-keramik). It is having a low weight compared to types of ceramic, which can be quiet heavy to lift up.
A box full of various tea/coffee mugs in with different handles (bullet form, horse head, dogs etc), shapes and final decoration. They are made in porcelain clay. I found a new tea cup with small green dots almost like touch typing. You can see more here:
Tea lights in form of sea urchins

My new breakfast set

My tea cup with touch typing

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  1. Hej Karin ! Du skal nok få lov til at drikke te af mine flotte tekopper. De er til for at blive brugt. Jeg overvejer at købe nogle flere kopper af Dorte Kristoffersen med forskellige dekoration i grønne farver til alle mine gode afternoon tea gæster. Kirsten


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