January 12, 2014

Knitted plaid

Do you have any idea, what I am going to use these 11 different balls of yarn for ? Well, noticing the headline of this blogpost, you should have a pretty good idea !!! Yes, it is correct I will be knitting these 11 different balls of thin wool yarn into a knitted plaid using a kitting pattern by Sys Fredens from her book "Puder & Plaider", where you can buy the yarn at the shop Fandango web shop - ternet tæppe located in Aarhus.

The pattern is so simple, that I am able to knit, when I sitting in front of the TV. I only have to be on the look out for the location of Hannibal the Cat, as he suddenly will jump at the moving ball of yarn biting into the wool. This fascination of a cat of yarn is something I find hard to understand !!! Sometimes I have to place the cat outside the living room, when I am knitting, as the "garden lion" can not leave the ball of yarn on it´s own, he has to chew on the yarn.

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