September 19, 2017

G&T festival 2017 at Serridslevgård

Last Saturday I went for the first time ever to a G&T Festival at Serridslevgård together with my two good friends from Horsens. It was a outdoor festival, which always can be a challenge in Denmark. However, we were lucky, it did not rain. The surroundings is great for such an event with plenty of space and good sound conditions.

The very first booth we visited at the festival was the tonic stand, where we tasted various types of tonics. It was a very good start, as we later on at the various gin stand had a better understanding, if the select for tasted gin was the right choice for our individual taste buds. One tonic can lift the combination of G&T up to the sky, while another tonic can lower the G&T combination to a bad experience.

Afterwards we went from gin booth to the next gin booth tasting the various gins. At the first gin booth we started out getting one small of gin for each of us three persons, we soon realized, that if we wanted to taste gins from more booths, when we needed to minise the gin intake at each booth. Therefore we soon started to share one small of gin for three persons.

As most of the gin booths we were either talking to the persons, which were producing the gins or had good relation with the gin, which they represented. It was great, as we got a great understanding of the gin, which we tasting. And yes, if you did not like the gin, when it was easy to empty the gin into the grass.

At all the gin booths there were a good filling up of the glasses with gin, so you had to ask for less gin into the glass ! After some time you taste buds are actually saturated with gin flavour, so you feel less for tasting more gin.

Besides from the various gin booths, there was also a gin bar, where 11 different types of gin tonics could be brought.

I did not buy any gin, as my bar is already full of various gins. I went away with two new tonics as well as some quinine, so I can make my own tonic.

All in all it was great experience, so I good easily imaging me turning up next year.

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