September 24, 2017

Ceramic breakfast bowl and green vase

Every morning I eat oat flakes for breakfast, and these oat flakes is served in various ceramic bowls. I have two types of breakfast bowls. For working days I use a more heavy type of bowl, and for the week-end morning I used a thinner bowl type. Anyway, when you use ceramic or china day in and day out, you will from time to time break something, well at least I do !

This Summer one of my working days breakfast bowls broke, so therefore I went shopping for a new breakfast bowl. It actually took some time to find a new "right" breakfast bowl. I located the right bowl during a trip to Odense at Dina Vejling.

My new breakfast bowl is of cause in my favourite colour of green, and is made by  Hanne Bertelsen. Besides from the breakfast bowl I found a green vase in skewed shape made by Karina Skibby, which I could not live without, and I got it to ½ price :-)

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