July 20, 2020

Kumulus Tee - ready to use


I started knitting on my version of Kumulus Tee mid June. As yarn I used a combination of  manddyed raw silk from Garnudsalg and a follow thread of pink Blackhill mulberry silk from Garnudsalg (a yarn used normally for embroidery).

Again after some re-knitting I finally did the last knitting and sewing the end this evening, so now I am ready to style this blouse together with my rosa Summer trousers :-)

The raw silk has a off-white colour, while the embroidery follow thread has the colour of pink, so the final colour is kind of peach-pink in it.

I have not used all the yarn, so I had purchased for this Summer blouse. So instead of using 595 DKK on yarn, I have used 342 DKK on the yarn and 40 DKK on the knit recipe, so a total of 382 DKK (51

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