December 03, 2010

Christmas shopping in Flensburg

Yesterday two girl friends and I had our annual Christmas shopping tour to Flensborg. We always start with driving to one of the border shops targeted Danes and their shopping desires for cheap candy, wine, soft drinks and beer. The only reason for us  to go there is, that cat food is ½ price compared to the Danish price level !! After buying all the bags of cat food for Hannibal the cat, we go to the city center of Flensburg. Per tradition we are always eating lunch the same place, which is serving good traditional German food. We like this place so much, that we are not too keen in trying a new place to eat lunch.

After filling up our inner "fuel tank" we will be ready for serious shopping. Here two of us will look at our third friend and her shopping list. This shopping list will when be the guide for the afternoon, while we walk around from shop to shop. The two of us is having one place, which is a demand from our side = REWE supermarket.

In REWE we can easy spend plenty of time just looking into interesting food stuff, which is not possible to buy in Denmark. I am a big "fan" of the various food products within REWE Feine Welt, so I bring a selection of these products back with me. All of us have a master degree in dairy science, so being in the dairy area in a supermarket outside Denmark is like being in milk paradise !!! The variety of yogurt in Denmark is so un-appealing, that I never ever buy Danish yogurt. Let me into a supermarket like REWE and I will leave with a bag full of yogurts.

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