December 12, 2010

First portion of Christmas Candy done


After ½ days soaking of the walnuts & raisins in cognac and cranberries in Cointreau, I blended these fillings prior to mixing it with the marzipan. I was a bit surprised about the ration between filling and marzipan, 200 g walnuts & raisins to be mixed with 150 g marzipan. I normally use more marzipan and less filling, so it will interesting to taste. The marzipan mix was also much more moist than usual for my Christmas Candy.

Afterwards I rolled the mixed marzipan into smaller balls, which I when coated with 70% dark chocolate. I used the microwave for melting the chocolate in one of my many Tupperware plastic things.

It did actual take quiet some time for the chocolate to dry, close to 2 hours !!!! Perhaps due, that the marzipan was so moist.

Now I just have to be patient until Christmas before tasting these Valnødkugler & Tranebærkugler

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