August 23, 2014

Food shopping on the island of Fur

In June I spend two wonderful days at the little island of Fur located in Limfjorden, enjoying the excellent weather (nothing but sunshine) together with a great girl friend from Copenhagen. Besides from filling up the stomach with some great food (dinner at Fur Strand Hotelburger at Fur Strand Hotel and lunch at Fur Bryghus), I also filled up the suitcase with some eat and drinkable souvenirs such as:

Four different cheeses from Thise Mejeri. This dairy is not located on Fur, but is situated nearby to the island, so we passed this dairy on he way back. So we decided to stop by and taste all the various cheeses, and where endless reams of cheese. Also a glass of heather honey was a part of the shopping.
I am not a beer drinker, but it does not mean, that I can not serve beer for my guests, so off cause various beers and some beer aqua vita from Fur Bryghus found a place in my shopping basket.
On our bicycle tour around the island of Fur we passed by a small coffee shop called Fur kaffe og the, where the by passers are served free coffee or tea together with a small glass of liqueur or rum !!! Great concept, and yes we returned the favour by buying tea, coffee and a bottle of liquorice liqueur.

Finally as the non-eatable souvenirs from Fur I brought some wool at Fur Ø gårdbutik Klode for a light neck warmer together with three small drawings from the island.

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