May 17, 2015

Baking event "Rent Mel i Posen" at Miele

Recently I participated in a baking event at the local Miele Gallery showroom located here in Vejle called "Rent Mel i Posen". I find it useful and also very interesting from time to time to get a professional approach to baking, as bread baking is still an area, where I can learn much more. 

Before we started on the actually baking process, we got three introductions: one on the Miele ovens, one to the flour produced by Mejnerts (including the usual "female approach" on "how good we are behaving and becoming CO2 friendly" !!!) and finally from the baker on using sour doughs/yeast, raising time and the baking process.
The bakers had brought two different dough with them, which they would baked in different Miele ovens (I did not get a clear picture with me from this part of event). Meanwhile, we were divided into group of two persons, which would make the same doughs, which we later would take home with us.

Also the event managers were very good in interacting with us during the dough preparation, where we could plenty of questions and get some more finger touch feeling on, when the dough was kneading enough in the kitchen stand-alone mixers. 

While we were making the various dough we were also served wine and water, which we could enjoy during the dough preparation.

We had approx 2 hours, where we could make various doughs. Afterwards we would take the doughs home with us.

After the baking of the breads and snacks, we would sit down to enjoy the baked goods together with sausages and cheese, which we would have the finished talk around bread baking.

We finished of with taking home all the prepared doughs, any open leftovers of the various flours used. We also got a "goodie-bag" with different flours, dry yeast and a small recipe booklet.

I also managed to get some of the used sour dough from the baker, as my own attempt on making sour dough has not been very successful. The sour dough from the baker has a very fine apple-like flavour, so now I am doing my best to keep this new room mate happy feeding it with flour and water every second day.

I had a great evening :-) so I will for sure come bake for another event in the Miele kitchen.

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