June 26, 2016

Dinner at Kähler Villa Dining

Some time ago I had the pleasure of eating at Kähler Villa Dining as part of a work event. And it is for sure not the last time, that I will eating at Kähler Villa Dining. As one of options you can pay for a meal of appetiser, 3 course dinner, wines and coffee with sweets, so you now the entire price for meal, before you the restaurant.

On top of this all the things used for serving the dinner is from Kähler, so you can get inspiration for using your own Kähler stuff in a new way, if you like me is a Kähler addicted person. And finally you also get 10% discount if you at the end do some Kähler shopping.

As appetiser we were served raw beef tenderloin with wild garlic.

The starter was (the usual) salmon with smoked cheese, bitter salads and roe, being a big thing in Denmark during spring season.

The main course tasted fantastic in form of veal served with infant and wild spring herbs, glazed morels and black trumpet hats.

The sweet part of the dinner was crispy rhubarb with white chocolate mousse, apple sorbet and lemon balm leaves.

Together with coffee and tea we were served these fantastic looking chocolate pieces with the look for rocks, some looking like big lumps of gold.

I will give this dining experience a total of 5 stars

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