October 06, 2018

Making a new portion of tomato-ginger-garlic jam

As I am running out of this tomato & chilli jam I decided to cook a new portion of this specific jam. So fare I have been serving this jam together with cheese such as these small sandwiches with matured Cheddar. I would also think, that this jam would fit perfect as compliment for cold meat slices or as part of a sandwich.

As I got plenty of smaller jars with this tomato & chilli jam, I decided to bring some of them to work, where I will sell the extra jars for 15 DKK (approx 2 €) to my colleagues, which afterwards is donated to charity.

Two weeks ago I on behave of my colleagues donated 205 DKK to araceagainstbreastcancer.dk, as my colleagues have been busy buying (and hopefully eating) both gooseberry jam and blackcurrant jam (classic version).

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