May 31, 2012

Cake vote for coming picnic row - your help is needed

Have a look at these lovely flower from my blooming Chinese thee peony, which I have received from an old garderner in my mother´s family, who personally has grown it from a seed.

The fifth of June is Constitution Day here in Denmark and we are having the day-off. I will be celebrating this national day of ours with a picnic row on my local fjord of Vejle. We will be starting the row early in the morning, at 6.00 o'clock, and hopefully we will be able row to the end point of the fjord, which is a rowing tour of 52 km in total.

My "responsibility" for this coming picnic row is to bring cake for the afternoon coffee/tea break. And here you help is needed (again) in form of a cake vote. So you will make decision by voting, I will bake the most popular cake and my fellow rowers will eat the cake.

You can vote between these three cake suggestions:

  • Muffin with apple
  • Carrot cake
  • Rhubarb cake

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