April 29, 2013

Planting potatoes 2013 in my little kitchen garden

This year I have again received the "usual" supplier of potatoes from a good working colleague, which I have planted this weekend in these potatoes pots, which I invested in last year with great success. Instead of dicking up your potatoes, you actually picks the needed potatoes from below the earth surface.

Besides from planting potatoes I used the good weather during the week-end to give some loving attention to my herb pots by supplying them with some fresh potting soil.

As herbs I have chives, Swiss mint, garden mint, lemon balm, lemon tarragon and oregano. I need to buy some basil and rosemary to the two remaining enpty pots. And I exchanged an older strawberry with strawberry of the Ostara variety, which is remounting.

In the first row (closest to the window) I have planted Arielle, in the second row I have planted Cerise, in the third row I have planted Ditta and in the fourth row I have planted Sava.


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    1. They potatoes have started to pop their "head" up over the earth the last two days :-) It is so amazing to see something growing, which you have planted yourself.



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