May 28, 2016

Birthday coffee for the rowers 2016

After the birthday lunch it was time for the birthday coffee for my rowing friends. The three key element for a traditional Danish birthday coffee is bun being spread with plenty of butter and cream cake served together with hot chocolate. Hot chocolate or chocolate milk has NEVER on my list over favourite food stuff !!!! I really dislike the taste of hot chocolate/chocolate milk. And I still remember my dislike, when I was served this at other children´s birthday as a kid :-(

I had selected rhubarb as theme for this birthday coffee, as my rhubarbs are doing the best to take over mu little garden, so I am doing my best to control them ! So instead of the usual bun served with butter and jam, I served a buns with rhubarb compote as filling.

Continuing with the rhubarb the guests enjoy with rhubarb cake, where I actually had to make all the components of the cake twice !!!! After I had add all the three components together in the baking tray I decided to eat some of almonds, while I was chopping some almonds as the final touch. The almonds, which I had been using tasted really foul !!! Luckily I had some another portion of almonds, so I could remake all the cake components. On top of the cake "disaster" I also got home 1 hour later than expected, as my car battery was completely flat, so it had to be changed. So all in all it was a bit stressful !

The classic element for a birthday coffee in form of the cream cake, which time with a filling of cream part with white chocolate and fruit part of rhubarb compote and sugar glazing made from rhubarb cordial and icing sugar.

To fill the last hole in the stomachs of my guests I served some oat cookies with a small rhubarb piece as decoration.

I received some very nice birthday gift in form of a crime, some me tea light holder for the garden and a very interesting gin (sloe gin), which I really are looking forward to enjoy. Thank you very much to my rowing friends for some great gifts and your excellent company :-)

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