September 23, 2016

Afternoon tea course at Denham Women Institute

During my third (and last) Summer vacation this year I spend a few days at Women Institute at Denman on a cooking course with the topic of afternoon teas.

Part of the Women Institue is a Georgian mansion, which is located in 17 acres of ground, which leaves you with the feeling, that women dressed in long (white) dresses with come along any minute from an Austen novel.

The atmosphere was just great :-) All I meet of the other participants were very open and very friendly, they really wanted to meet new people. Upon arrival I got a the "usual" cup of tea served in the living area of the old house and here I found a seat in a chair. It did not take long, before a bigger group of people sitting in sofa area included me in their group and their talk. This were people going to join two starting courses incl. the afternoon tea course. 

In the course price is included staying in a room, all meals, tea breaks, tuition and final all the baked goods, which you bake during the stay. So I do not find it to be a very expensive course. I have already signed up for a course in November 2017 with focus Christmas afternoon tea, as you get 10% discount, if you book 7 days of your last course.

All the other participants felt sorry for me, as I could not bring any of my creation back home with me. However, my suitcase was already filled up with all my shopping done in London.

The tutor was Katie Johnson, who was good at explaining the recipes and difficult step beforehand our own baking attempt combined with a nice way of getting the various work stations during our cooking giving an extra hand and explaining. 

Below you can see all my photos taken during the course. I will later share these recipes with you and as well my own modifications to the recipes.

The traditional sandwiches were all twisted both with regards to bread and serving way, as they were served as open sandwiched so in line with the classic open Danish rye bread sandwiches (smørrebrød). Above is poached chicken, roasted red pepper and pesto on sourdough.

Sandwich with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, dill and black pepper on soda bread together with avocado and egg on wholemeal bread.

A twisted version of cucumber sandwiches, which is very, very close to Danish cucumber salad :-)

Pulled BBQ brisket with slaw on milk rolls, which tasted just fantastic :-)

Creme Brulee Tart, which failed for me due to to dry/crystallized clotted cream. Afterward I found out, that he clotted cream contains 62% fat, so a version with dairy whipping cream with a more normal fat content of 38%, will be what I use myself in my own little kitchen. 

Plain classic scones with a OK high fat content.

Lemon poppy seed cake and chocolate cake, before the cutting and cutting and turning them into the final Battenburg. 

Great looking chocolate and hazelnut mille feuille made by the teacher. I wonder how my version will turn out ?

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