October 19, 2012

Please vote on my apple contribution at Matbloggsentralen

My apple harvest of 2012 - the BEST harvest ever from my garden
For the first time ever in the "life" of my blog, I would like to ask you to vote on one of my two contribution to the theme apple (EPLER in Norwegian) on the Norwegian blog collection Matbloggsentralen.

There is posted a total of 108 apple posts, and I have two contribution in form of the cake called "Æbel fisk" (Apple Fish) post number 28 and Paradisæbel Snaps (Crab apple aquavit) as post number 29. Looking at amount of post views on these two posts, if seems like the Apple Fish being the most popular, so I would be grateful for your vote on Apple Fish - you use this link Matbloggsentralen ukens utfordring epler. You can vote until Sunday 21 October 2012 at 24.00 CET.

I have an option winning a apron, if get the most votes. However, for me it is not the apron being the goal. The goal for me is to get a few votes on one of my blog posting.

Now you have three options:
  1. do what you normal would do - read this post and click away to something else.
  2. write a comment, why you dis-like bloggers begging for votes in blog competition.
  3. bring some extra happiness into my life by giving me a mouse click voting on one of my blog posts :-)
Have a nice week-end :-)

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