November 03, 2012

Dinner at "Mad hos Mads", Horsens

Yesterday evening I meet up with some great friends of mine having a "combination dinner" of a welcome back from vacation in Spain and have a good trip around the world to one of my very good girl friends. This dinner was used to meet up with some very good friends and send off our very good girl friend on her so much wanted world travel.

We decided to meet up at Mad hos Mads, which is the restaurant of the sailing club in Horsens. Here you can enjoy a monthly dinner with focus on food in season at a very, very reasonable price.

Update: July 2013 - the restaurant is now closed due to reconstruction of the club house, and Mad hos Mads will not return afterwards.

When you see fingers, knives or spoons some where in these pictures, it is my good friends from Horsens, who wants to be a part of my pictures.

First starter being soup
The first starter was langustine and plaice with bisque and chips of salsify. This soup or rather bisque has an excellent intense flavour of langustine, uuuhmmmm :-)

Second starter being fish
The second starter was also very decorative in form of smokes haddock, Jerusalem artichokes, truffle pouched quail eggs served on top of foamy fish broth. Great taste combination !!!!

Between dish
As between dish being the dish between the starters and main course we were served carpaccio of light roasted sika deer with pickled mushrooms, aronia and garlic mayonnaise. This dish was an excellent combination of taste and texture.

Main course being duck
As we were eating the menu of November duck off caused an important role in the main course, which consisted of wild duch incl stainless steal hail in one of our servings, calvados sauce, apple and potatoes, green cabbage and green cabbage foam.

Great tasting dessert
The dessert was a perfect finishing point of quince, yogurt, apple gelly layer and calvados ice cream. Uuuhmmmm - what an excellent finishing point to wonderful dinner.

The much amazing thing it, that you can eat a monthly dinner consisting of 5 course for 295 DKK, if you order the this dinner 3 days in advance, otherwise you have to pay 428 DKK. It is also possible to a reduced wine menu for 175 DKK in form of glass of wine to each course.

Here you really get VALUE FOR MONEY, so it is not the last time, that I would like to enjoy dinner at Mad hos Mads.

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