March 10, 2015

Sofa cushion ready for reading

My sofa cushion is finished and ready for use in my library.

Here I am slowly transforming the color scheme from purple/red into mainly green. So a transformation can easily end up with costing a fortune, so I am on approachint this task with a cost optimisation view point !!! such as knitting a sofa cushion myself.

I have spend 238,50 DKK on wool yarn and 100 DKK on the pillow (with real feather inside !), so a total of 338,50 DKK in material. You can not buy a lot of sofa cushion for this amount of money in Denmark. Here you easy end up spending 500-700 DKK for designer/brand cushion.

I have also located an almost brand new HAY sofa cushion in green on second hand internet site from 300 DKK instead of 570 DKK. And a older plaid from the living room has been moving into the library as well to function as bed cover.

Now I am the process of finding some one at work, who can operate a sewing machine, as I have some fabric brought on a business trip, which should be turned into bed linens "containers" for storage of extra duvets and pillows.

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