March 06, 2015

The Swane has landed

Here 3½ months later on I am still enjoying my new kitchen to the full. The last permanent tabletop was delivered in mid-December, which also brings extra light into a north-facing kitchen. And shortly before Christmas a piece of clear glass with white back ground was placed on the half wall behind the stove.

During this Winter I have really appreciated all the light available in my kitchen. Suddenly there is light everywhere, so there is no longer any dark corners. The means, that I suddenly have much more energy to do various things in the kitchen even on a weekday evening besides from just an easy dinner.

How I love to have stove with induction, where the temperature regulation is so imediate. Water  for boiling paste is quickly send to the boil point using the booster function, add the paste, then lower the the temperature easily, when the water is boiling again. This means that I no longer have any problems with the pasta boiling.


On the other hand the oven and I are still learning to live together ! The usual baking times for cakes and muffins from tested and trsuted recipes do not match anymore in the new oven. The old oven must be baking at higher temperatures than my new oven. So either I have to increase the baking time or raise the oven temperature by about 20'C for get "the usual" baking time !!!

And why do you "only" get delivered ONE baking plate with edges and a roasting pan, when you buy a fan oven !!!! The advantage with fan oven should precisely be that you can bake 3 plates of muffins or cookies at once !!!! How is this possible, when only supplied ONE baking plate ?And the design of the baking plate !!! Why is baking plate not flat ??? It is very difficult just to pull a piece of baking with cookies from the tabletop to the baking plate. It can "only" be a man who has been involved in this !! I mean selling a fan oven with ONLY one baking plate !!!!

At some time I will get around to actually read the manual for the new oven. The oven has certainly significantly more features than I can figure out by turning and pressing the oven buttons. The features are ihverfald not self-explanatory by turning the buttons !!!

Again my good neighbor has been helping me by putting up some new lamps in my kitchen. I saw some ceramic lamps at the Christmas Fair at Trapholt, which I when was so luckily to get a Christmas present. What I really like about these ceramic lamps is that the holes in the lamp form a pattern of light on thall that could remind about lace pattern. The lamps are made by 
Helenaa Hedegaard.

I am getting closer and closer to finishing line for my kitchen project. Today I will be picking up the long-awaited ceramic tiles at the ceramist. And then I start to do my best to control the bricklayer trying to get a tight grip of his calendar !!!

By unclarified things are still following points back on the to-do-list:

  • Setting up the ceramic tiles  on the wall around the wall cupboards. So here I am still living with a "cool look".

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