August 21, 2016

Barbecue evening of 2016

Yesterday evening a group of great friends as usual meet in my little garden for the yearly barbecue event, where all participants bring their part of the food. I take care of the firing up the grill, the liquid part of the menu and the sweet dessert part.

Plaids and cushions make a fairytale bed for the cat
Hannibal the Cat thought, that the box with plaids and cushions for later use was his very own fairytale bed without the pea as bottom layer.

I was debating with myself the entire day, whether we could sit outside or not due to rain showers coming and going. However, as the guests arrived, so did the evening sunshine, so we could sit outside in the barbecue and bun fire smoke.

We started the evening with blackberry drink with gin inside. It really tastes like cordial with sparkles :-) I could easily become addicted to this drink.

The starter was rice paper rolls filled with celery, avocado, slices of beef served together with rye bread crisps and skyr-tomato dressing. Uuhmm great starter :-)

The main course was lemon marinated chicken, which barbecued in alu folio for 20 minutes.

As company to the chicken the guests from Horsens was bringing a selection of home grown different garden greens such as:
  • freshly dug up potatoes
  • sticks containing squash, tomatoes, green pepper fruit and onion also being grilled
  • salad made from tomatoes and feta cheese
  • feta cheese grilled as well in alu folio on the grill
  • tzatziki

The finishing part of the barbecue evening was the classic bonfire on the patio, which is used for both heating and baking of twist bread with butter and marple syrup. The grill charcoal was used for making baked figs from my big fig tree standing on the patio.

"Group photo" of the twist breads

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