October 13, 2020

Left over knit cushion project start


Some time ago I got a small knit booklet together with the weekly magazine (Hendes Verden),where the focus was how to use yarn leftovers from various knitting project, and turn these knit leftovers into other knitted projects.

I had various leftover available from, when years ago knitted this knitted plaid. I had actually first knitted knit laps, which I was planning to sew together into a leftover knit plaid. So, I threaded up all these knit laps, so now I have this box full off yarn wrenches. 

My plan is to turn all these yarn leftover into a knit cushion. I started off by testing the knit firmness, so selected the size for knitting needles. So, now I am ready to start my knitting of this cushion. 

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