October 16, 2020

Progress on poncho blouse

Great progress on my poncho blouse by "Hendes Verden". I have now learned, that I need to start with making a knitting test to see, what size of knitting needles, which I need for that specific yarn to get the required firmness of the knit pattern. 

The knitting started with the arm, which I did struggled a bit with to get the size right, so it actually fits with the circumference of my under arm. Now I have knitted more than half of the entire poncho blouse. The knitting starts with one arm, followed by the body, when the part around the neck (the middle part) and when ends with the arm.

The majority of the knit pattern is stockinette knit, while at around the neck part the front part of the blouse is knitted with garter knit. After having seen the impact of the this dark olive green, I am wondering, if I should have picked a lighter green yarn colour instead of, so the difference in knit pattern is more visible ?

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