July 20, 2011

Souvenirs from Poland

On a rowing holiday it can be quiet tricky to spend money, as you use your time on rowing, eating and sleeping. And as the local ice cream were not that appealing to me in combination with some very rainy weather, I still had some Polish money left on the last vacation day.

Instead of changing them back to Danish kroners, I decided to spend them on Polish vodka with a high quality level. Chopin is my favorite Polish vodka brand, but I choose to be brave as well buying a bottle of Piasecki, an unknown brand to me.

One of the Chopin options was to buy a bottle in a cardboard box containing a vodka glass, as you see not a small glass, but a big glass for grown ups. These combinations of liqueur and special glass always trickier me into buying those combinations !!!! Are you experiencing the same ?

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