May 30, 2013

Celebrating my birthday with a lunch for the ladies

Celebrating my birthday this year I decided to have a lady´s lunch, where the dress code was hats.

Keeping it simple for myself I decided, that the menu should be “smørrebrød” (= open Danish sandwich made from rye bread) and the “smørrebrød” should come from the restaurant being awarded the best Danish lunch restaurant of 2012, which is “Remouladen” located in Vejle. Here you can buy “smørrebrød” from a take-away menu, where each piece of “smørrebrød” cost 48 DKK.

All the various version of “smørrebrød” is made from home-made rye bread, the taste was excellent and the view/look of each piece was wonderful. So it is not the last time, when I will be enjoying “smørrebrød” from Remouladen. Actually I have been eating at lunch at Remouladen back in September 2012.

So not “wasting” my time on making the food I decided to go all in on the birthday cake for this lady´s lunch making home-made strawberry cake from the very bottom almost to the very top of it, well I did not grow the strawberries myself, they came from Belgium, as the Danish strawberries was sold out.
So I both baked the bottom layer of the strawberry cake and made the vanilla cake cream myself. And the cake taste delicious and every single piece was eaten with big pleasures of the ladies at the lunch.

I really enjoy my birthday having time to talk to all my guests and I got some great birthday gift including two new cake books. So a big thank you to all my good girls friends for making this a great day for me.

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