June 04, 2014

Birthday coffee table

As final celebration of my birthday I invited a group of wonderful female rowers around for "kagebord" or coffee table being the English translation.

Coffee table is where you serve a selection of buns, cakes and cookies as the eatable part of the coffee table, while the drinkable part of the coffee table is either coffee or tea being a huge tea drinker myself.

Usually the first serving at a coffee table is the bun. The bun is served together with butter, jam and perhaps cheese. My "tradition" is to bake some saffron buns, which is my opinion is not a match made in heaven, if they are served together with cheese, as I think too easily can dominated over the delicate taste of saffron.

Next item on the coffee table is the cake part. And here I had baked/made three different types:

Muffins with cherries and hazelnuts

The cutting process of this cream cake turned out to be something of a team work exercise. As usual no one is very keen to make the first cut into a cream cake, as it can be quiet tricky to remove the first piece of a cream cake. And it was quiet difficult to cut down through the cake.
Luckily someone mentioned, that in a cake programme with Mette Blomsterberg the recommendation was to heat up the cutting knife in almost boiling water, before making the actual cut in the cake. So boiling water and kitchen towel (for removal of cake leftovers between each cutting) were brought to the coffee table. So one person cleaned and heated the knife, a second person made the cuttings into the cake and a third person handed the cake dished around the table. An excellent exercise of team work :-)

The final serving at a coffee table is biscuits or cookies, in this case liquorice cookies with cranberries

Again I was treated to some very nice birthday gifts in form of earrings and a silicone bread form from Lékué, which I am looking forward to bake bread in :-) Thank you very much to my rowing friends for some great gifts and your excellent company.

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