July 19, 2015

Summer tapas together with some wonderful women

Better late than never ! Yesterday evening it was time to celebrate my birthday together with some amazing and wonderful women. I decided, that tapas should be the theme for the served food and wine.

Tapas is actually an easy way of entertaining people, when you have to do the cooking yourself, as most of the food can be prepared in advance, followed by cooking up the food in the oven, just before serving it.

As starting point we enjoyed tapas bread served together with olive oil, cocktail tomatoes, salted almonds and green olives. You can turn a simple tomato into a taste feast by cutting it into two or four pieces, which when is sprinkled with ramson salt

Second (cold) dish was gazpacho, which is cold uncooked tomato soup, which is a wonderful dish for a hot Summer day, as it does not involve any cooking at all.

Third (either cold or warm) dish was fish cakes based on scrimps - great taste.

As the "only" really hot meal was served stuffed courgettes with a salad made from rocket, apricot, Serrano ham and goat cheese.

The sweet end to this tapas meal was almond cake served together with orange sauce.

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