November 08, 2015

November afternoon tea

This afternoon was a lovely mixture of a walk in sunshine, funny visit to Økolariet and a filling afternoon tea.

The first thing to enjoy at this November afternoon tea was a glass of Cherry sparkling cocktailCherry sparkling cocktail instead of Kir Royal, so replacing the blackcurrant liqueur with cherry liqueur.

The second drinkable tea besides from tea was freshly pressed juice (SOMETHING SPECIAL). A juice with a bigger name than taste !

The eatable part of the afternoon tea was a classic kougelhopf, which had outgrown the cake form. For this kougelhopf I used a flour mix from my Summer vacation to Alsace.

Also these scones with marple syrup and walnuts was an energy-dense part of the eatable stuff.

As the sweet touch we enjoy both these pepper nut muffins as well as

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