March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday - inspiration for Easter creations in the kitchen

Today it is Palm Sunday, so we are one week away from Easter celebration. Many people in Denmark went on Easter vacation last Friday, as we here in Denmark are having public holiday Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday.

As preparation for Easter I start decorating inside and outside the house approx 2-3 weeks before Easter to celebrate the return for sun and long days full of sunlight. Inside I decorate with small wood Easter eggs, silver eggs, and one-two weeks Easter I take in branches from trees, which are decorate with wood Easter decoration.

In case your Easter vacation takes at home, you are perhaps looking for some Easter inspiration for you and your kitchen. Therefore, I am sharing some recipes with Easter as theme.

You are welcome to look by my blog during the Danish Easter days to see my creations for the Easter of 2018.

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