March 25, 2020

Tea and Easter shopping in Sønderborg

Little did I know, that my expedition to Sønderborg beginning of this month of March was to a cultural & shopping tour outside Vejle for a very long time !

Besides from the art exhibition by Hans Horn at Søbderborg Slot as well as having lunch he nice Cafe Fika I did also do the pedestrian streets of Sønderborg city checking out the various shops.

I found some new Easter decoration in form these eggs and Easter rabbit in paper for decoration of my many windows.

Carstensens Tehandel also have a shop in Sønderborg, so here I brought two bags of tea.
The first tea was black Easter tea (black tea flavoured with egg liqueur combined with flowers of both sunflowers and blue cornflower).
The second tea was Als blandingen, also black tea, named after the the island, where Sønderborg is located.

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