August 29, 2020

Shopping during Summer vacation in August

I have been away again on Summer vacation here in August. This time I have been on vacation in the area of Limfjorden (the Northern part of Jutland). This time I was driving in my car, so therefore I could bring more heavy items and more clothing  compared to my my Summer vacation in July. Besides from various shopping of clothing in the towns of Lemvig, Løgstør, Nykøbing Mors and Thisted I did also bring the following items back with me.

In Thisted I found these located cream puffs in different flavourings (caramel, liquorice & orange) produced by Thy Chokoladen.

In Lemvig I found these two green plants for my home, which can be seen below.

In Lemvig I also brought these three single apple juice produced by Vesterhavsmost in form of Cox Holstein, Elstar & Rød Aroma.

In Lemvig at the same wine shop, where I located the apple juice I found this bottle of rose port and gin a la orange jam from Sevilla. The shop owner provides me with the some serving suggestions for making drinks with both the gin and port. So look around at a later time, where I try out these suggestions.

Finally I locate this yarn of thin silk mohair from Sandness in the colour of light grey, petrol and olive green together with the a sweater recipe at MORS garn.

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