August 30, 2020

Sunday Tee - first progress


The knitting process of this Sunday Tee has proven to be something of a challenge. First I started out with the Summer knit box from Önling, where I found the colour to be too dark for a Summer blouse. 

Afterwards I found this Isager Bomuling during my first Summer vacation, which I found much more fitting to use during Summer. However, I really have struggling with my firmness for this specific knit blouse. On the knitting needle in size 3 mentioned in the recipe, the structure of the knot looked too open in it. 

My local yarn "pusher" Garn i skovhytten suggested, that I made a knitting sample, which I afterwards washed to check the final firmness. So after checking and washing my knit firmness, it turned out, that instead of a knitting needle in size 3, I should use a size 2 instead of !!!

Despite using knitting needle size 2 I have managed to finish the upper part of the blouse and setting knit stitches aside for the arm part of the blouse. So, now I knitting the lower part of the blouse. 

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