August 01, 2020

Yarn shopping during the Summer sale

Besides from sunny and warmer weather Summer time also bring Summer sale around. And here I have been to locate several good offerings on yarn, so I also have some knit projects to look forward for use in Autumn/Winter.

As knitting takes more time, before the final result is ready for use. On top of that I also have to take into account, that I can run into, that I have to do some re-knitting, is the size is too short/big etc, when it is good already now to consider, what to knit for the approaching Autumn/Winter season.

A new knitting project can be everything from small project like dish cloths. For dish cloths I located an offer at Krea deluxe on a selection on cotton with 20% discount. My plan is to use this cotton for knitting of dish cloth testing out recipes from "Vores ynglingsklude".

I have also located this big Summer knit box from Önling, which contains yarn for two knit project and three free Önling knit recipes. One yarn is the Önling yarn No 12 (cotton & linen ) in the colour of light blue and Önling yarn No 14 (cotton & wool)in the colour of blackcurrant sorbet.

At Yarn Living yarn living I have located an offering in the yarn Drops Melody, which I plan turn into a sweater called Moroccan Market Muse, which I think will fit great to a colder Autumn/Winter season.

For a new recipe developed called Novice cardigan - mohair edition by PetiteKnit in Mayflower Super Kid Silk in the colour called "Grønne Enge" (green meadows). Again located at  Yarn Living.

I have this recipe on Petra created by Filcolana, where I have located the entire yarn mixture of 5 different yarn at Lisbjerg Garn. Petra is a sweater in fantastic colour mixture of red and pink.

Another colourful design by Filcolana is the a cardigan called Pixi. And here I have brought the yarn at Garnværkstedet.I will knit the yarn in colour mixture of green, orange and yellow, so again a creating in my colours.

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