June 27, 2011

Elder Flower First Flush

I have found this recipe on elder flower tea in the cooking book called "året rundt - ideer og inspiration til lidt af hvert" by Trine Penlau.

Apparently this elder flower tea served together with honey should be bringing you relief, which you should have a cold and/or be coughing. If it true or not, I do not know, as I have not tried yet.

Elder Flower First Flush:
  • elder flower stems
  1. Place elder flower stems in small buckets with their head up-side down.
  2. Let them dry in the wind away from the sun light.
  3. It took me four days to dry the elder flower
  4. Remove the dried flower from the stems.
  5. Place the dried flowers in air tight containers.
  6. Use one tablespoons of dried flowers for 250 ml boiling water.
  7. Let the elder flower infuse the hot water for 10 minutes, before drinking it.

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