June 29, 2011

Lunch at Frokostgalleriet, Nordby

In many of the typical Danish tourist towns/villages it is very often a challenge to find the in-between place to eat. It is either junk food or some un-inspiring food at a low price versus nice restaurants, where the cost of the food is in the higher price level. To find a cafe serving some interesting food at a OK price level can be the real challenges !!!!!

However, in Nordby located on Samsø you actual find all three options. And if you are looking for the in-between options, you should find the cafe called Frokostgalleriet located in the high street of Nordby.

We found this place after a very, very wet walk of 10-12 km walk in Nordby Hills. Here we were eating a nice lunch, while our rain clothes were creating lakes around us.

The lunch plat was a tuna mousse, salmon with asparagus, a little salad, pate and finally some cheese. This lunch plat was served together with rye bread and white wheat bread.

And as a sweet end we had a cup of tea/coffee served together with a big chocolate muffin "dressed with" fresh strawberries and sour cream.

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