August 08, 2012

GTIL - Gin Tonic Ice Lime

I spend my first part of my second summer holiday rowing from Vejle around the island of Funen back to Vejle !!! For those of you, who have no idea about the distance, I can tell you, that we rowed a total of 376 km in 9 days !!!!! I have never ever rowed such a long distance within this time frame.

Doing this requires, that:
  • you are in GOOD SHAPE
  • you get up early in the morning, eat a big breakfast, pack all your belongings into the rowing boat
  • you spend between 5-9 hours of rowing, either having lunch break on land or eat your lunch pack on the coxing seat, while you are not rowing
  • you eat a huge dinner in the evening, while you are dressed into your sleepwear ready to go to sleep, so you can get up early next morning
  • you end each rowing day drinking gin tonic in the rowing club of the day together with some crips in order to restore your salt balance

Until this rowing tour I have mostly been serving and enjoying gin tonics with slices of lemon, but one of my rowing friends shared her way of making an excellent gin tonic with us. And now I am sharing this recipe with  you :-)

One of my rowing friends did a fantastic job contacting the local new paper telling them about our rowing tour, and they decided to follow us using the inspiring daily reports from her. So in case you understand Danish, you can read about the rowing tour here:

Gin Tonic Ice Lime: - 1 serving
  • 4-6 cl gin
  • juice of 1/4 lime
  • tonic water
  • ice cubes
  • slice of lime - optional
  1. Pour lime juice and gin into a high ball glass
  2. Garnish with slice of lime
  3. Fill ice cubes into the glass
  4. Top up with tonic water
  5. CHEERS - and thank you for a good rowing tour girls :-)

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