September 08, 2012

Rowers celebrating at Rudolf Matis

Appetiser in form of toasted rye bread, salmon and radish
As mentioned previously I spend some part of my second summer vacation rowing around the Island of Funen. On our third rowing day we had the most tricky part of the entire tour, which is to pass Fyns Hoved (the north east top of Funen), where you are rowing in some very open water being in Kattegat and turning into Storebælt (The Great Belt), so the water and wind need to be on your side and not against you !!!

In the evening of the second rowing day the success rate for passing Fyns Hoved looked close to 0%, so we were considering making changes to our plan. Getting up in the morning on the third rowing day the sea and wind looked much more promising, so we checked, double checked  and tripled checked the weather forecast by calling a living meteorologist, who gave us a window of opportunity of 5 hours with less wind at Fyns Hoved. We grab this opportunity with both rowing hands, full luggage aboard and our rowing boats and headed towards Fyns Hoved.

We got around Fyns Hoved in grand style and from here put the course towards Kerteminde, a total rowing tour of 52 km, where we had a strong wind against us for the last 7 km into the city of Kerteminde. Rowing with both wind and current against in through the channel from the harbour into the rowing of Kerteminde, we passed a very nice looking restaurant next to the channel. We talked about eating there, but were unsure about the price level, as it looked expensive.

After arriving at the rowing club we called various restaurants without any luck of getting a table, as we would first be able to be there at 9 PM. Finally a restaurant informed us, yes there is a table for you, also at 9 PM. It turned out to be the nice looking restaurant at the water known as Rudolf Mathis.

We arrived freshly washed with wet hair, jeans and T-shirt and was seated at a table more or less in the middle of the restaurant. We were not hided away any where.

As we had managed one tricky part of the rowing tour we decided to start with welcome drink in form of sparkling wine, which suited perfect to our happy and sparkling humour. We also shared a bottle of white wine for 6 person, but otherwise the waiter can having time filling up our water glasses after a long day on the water.

One of my rowing friends are suffering from lactose intolerance, again here this restaurant had no problem at look in making her dishes with any use of milk, cream and butter. And her dishes looked just as appetising as our dishes.

We arrived at 9 PM, the second last table left the restaurant at 10-10.30 PM and we left as the very last table around 11.30 PM, and there was no hurry at all in getting us of the restaurant, so they could close down.

For my part of this meal I paid 875 DKK incl. wine, which is the right price level for such fantastic food and good service. And it was putting an excellent dot to a fantastic rowing day. So I can only recommend you to try Rudolf Matis in Kerteminde.

Below you can see, that I was eating.

First starter
Norway lobster with roasted scallop with herbs from the beach/coast side, crispy salad, lemon fillet and seafood vinaigrette.

Second start
An inspiring wonderful view for your eyes
Danish lobster with lemon grass, ginger, pimento and grapefruit marinade.
Passion fruit sorbet for clearing of your before moving ahead for the main course

Main course
The main being three different fish prepared over open grill: lemon sole, halibut and monkfish.
The fishes were served together with basil beurre blanc and vegetable in form of nicoise olive, tomato, courgette, romanesco cabbage, potaoes, which were decorate like an eatable flower decoration for your hair, a nice elegant touche.

Sweet finale
The fourth and final dish was dessert in form of a great combination of cherry and liquorice with vacherin of cream and condensed milk and  meringue. The green leafs looking like fern is sweet cicely, which taste of liquorice.

A perfect end to a perfect meal and perfect rowing day, where we managed to pass the tricky part of Fyns Hoved on our rowing Odyssey.

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