July 03, 2013

Elder flower sugar

When I was making the elder flower salt I got inspiration to make this elder flower sugar. I imaging, that you can use this elder flower sugar as sprinkle sugar over fresh strawberries/fruit, creme brulee or ice cream. Only your imagination is the limit !!!

Elder flower sugar:

  • 250 g pearl sugar
  • 20 stems of elder flower
  1. Cut of the flower heads from the stems of flower flower.
  2. Fill sugar and elder flower into a food processor and blend everything into rough looking mass.
  3. Fill the elder flower sugar into tray/form. Cover the sugar with a clean tea towel. The drying process can take it´s time, something like 1-2 days. If possible you can dry the salt outside in the sunshine.
  4. When the elder flower sugar is dried, place it in air tight container.

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