July 24, 2013

Kitchen equipment 20 - sticks for baking twist bread

I hardly dare to write about my lasts edition of new kitchen equipment in form of sticks for twist bread baking out here in the virtual world !!!!

I found these sticks for twist bread in my local supermarket, where they costed 45 DKK/stick (approx 6 €), and they have some sort of metallic fitting at the end, where you place/twist the dough around, before baking/burning the twist bread over gloving tree/barbecue charcoals.

The good thing about using these sticks are, that you first of all get a bigger hole in the twist bread, which you can fill with various of fillings. And the second thing is, that you have no need to cover a branch with tin foil to have a clean hygienic place to twist your bread dough.

So why do I hardly dare to mentioned the latest addition to my many types of kitchen equipment ? According to the "hard liner" within "traditional" twist bread bakers (no names mentioned, but my good friends in Horsens are such "hard liners" :-) ) those sticks for baking of twist bread is neither sustainable (one of today´s many "buzz word") nor authentic feature for a "old time" thing as baking twist bread. Well - I like my twist bread sticks !!!!

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