July 11, 2013

Food shopping in Belgium

Most people will think beer and chocolate, when you mention Belgium and food, and so do I as well. However, I have recently discovered a third specific food item from Belgium, which is Speculoos pasta à tartiner. Speculoos is a thin spiced biscuit, and the pasta à tartiner reminds me about a liquid thick biscuit dough or as I refer to it Belgian Nutella !!! And I am crazy about the Speculoos pasta à tartiner, which is good on buns, biscuits or simply just to eat it "raw" from the glass with a spoon !!!

Last week I was on a rowing tour to France and Belgium arranged by the Danish Rowing Association together with 20 other great rowers fro around Denmark. And here I grab the opportunity to buy a smaller stock of various Speculoos products (biscuits, sprinkles and pasta à tartiner) as a souvenir and bring it back with me to Denmark.

Among my shopping you will also find some bottles of Kriek, which is fruit beer with 25% cherry juice. Normally I really dislike beer due to the yeasty and bitter flavour, which is characteristic for beer. But these fruit beers does not taste of beer, and on the other hand they do not taste like breezer on the other hand. They have a good balance between fruit sweetness and freshness.

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