February 01, 2014

Welcome to February - the romantic Winter month


 Welcome to February 

Why do I call February the romantic Winter month ?

Well in the middle of February Valentine´s Day is located !!! Valentine´s Day is not a big event here in Denmark, besides from the flower shops trying to make an event of the day in the hope, that they will sell more flowers.

For me Valentine´s Day is providing me with a theme, which can work as inspiration for various sweet thing to test out in my little kitchen. And I will already now promise you, that I have several ideas floating around in my head, so you have something to look forward with regards to blog posting midway through the last Winter month.

Well my focus for January was to share recipes on stews and casseroles with you !! Did I succeed with this ? Well if you can call risottos for casseroles, I have been doing pretty good sharing 6 various comforting meals with you, and they have help me to keep warm during a Winter becoming more and more cold due to strong wind and low temperatures.

Let´s end with a little romance:

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