April 12, 2016

Lunch at Historischer Krug in Oversee

When my mother and I from time to time are in Germany on one of our shopping expeditions we have started to eat lunch at Historischer Krug in Oversee close to Flensburg. 

The place looks like a classic Danish inn. The entire building oozes from the good old days. The inn parlour is full of old stuff on the shelves, build-inn wine shelves, old beer mugs etc. And the inn still claims to have royal privileges, actual Danish royal privileges, despite the part of South Schleswig was taken by Germany in 1864 and Germany is not a kingdom !!!

A main course for lunch from the weekly menu costs 12 €, and this is good deal. Last time my mother and I enjoy white fish served with creamy spinach, boiled potatoes and mustard sauce.

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