April 16, 2016

Stay at Strandhotel Glüecksburg

As a Christmas present for my mother I gave her stay at Strandhotel Glüecksburg, which is located at Flensburg Fjord quiet close to the city of Flensburg. Such a gift is a great goft in many ways, as my mother has something to look forward too after getting the gift, something to talk about both before hand and afterwards.

The Standhotel is located next to the Fjord of Flensburg with a great view over the fjord to Denmark. It is a very stylish hotel in some great surroundings, where you are served excellent food both for dinner as well as for breakfast.

We combined the trip to Glüeckburg with a trip to ourlet center in Neumünster, lunch at Historischer Krug in Oversee and a shopping tour inside the lovely town of Flensburg.

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