October 28, 2016

Home-made juice of Ingrid Marie apples

The apples from the annual apple harvest, which were damaged in some sort, has now be turned into home-made juice of pure Ingrid Marie apples.

I always remove the core of the apples, when I juicing appples, as I juicing with the apple kernels gives bitterness in the final juice.

The juice on these Ingrid Marie apples has a rich red colour combined with a very intense sweet aromatic taste. The sweetness is so high, that you can only drink a small glass of juice at the time.

Next time, when  I have damaged Ingrid Marie apples I will not juice these apples, but instead of make apple mash, which could be used as ingredients in the classic Danish apple cake.

Home-made apple juice:

  • Apples - core and damaged parts removed
  1. Prepare the apple prior to juicing on juicer
  2. Juice the apples.
  3. Store the juice cold in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days.
  4. Enjoy as cold juice.

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