April 27, 2019

Easter decoration items of 2019 - Easter Calendar 2019

In my previous blog post Easter decorations you are able to see, how my various Easter decorations have been displayed for Eastern 2019. So perhaps you are wondering, if I have found some new Easter decoration items here in 2019 ?

Yes, I have so. On the photo above you can see two ceramic Easter egg in silhouette, which is made by LiCa ceramics, and I brought in the local handicraft shop Danmark & Norden. They fit perfect into my narrow window stills.

On a small Easter holiday to Hamburg just before the Danish Easter days (Maundy Thursday - Easter Monday) I found both these green glass eggs (photo above) and as well these handicraft Ester eggs (photo below to the right). The white egg with holes is from the area of Spreewald, Germany.

The photo below to the left shows snow drops in metallic. These decorations I have found in a chocolate shop in Haderslev.

Finally I have brought the some of the Royal Copenhagen annual Easter eggs from 2019, as I really like the flower decorations of magnolia and Fritillaria meleagris (vibeæg in Danish).

Now all my many Easter decorations have been stored away in a big box, where they will rest until Easter 2020 :-)

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