April 25, 2019

Easter decorations - Easter Calendar 2019

It is another Danish tradition to decorate your home with various lambs, eggs, chickens in the time up to Easter. It is also a Danish to tradition to bring tree branches to the living room, which when is decorate with various eggs decoration.


It is not typical Danish to decorate your outdoor surroundings with colourfull eggs. This is much more tradition in Germany. However, I really like these outdoor decorations with eggs, so I have been doing this for the last 5 years. 

I typically "dig out" my big plastic box with Easter derocations items one month before Easter happens. As this gives me plenty of time to both enjoy all my many Easter decorations, where some dates back to my childhood and other items have been brought in different countries in connection with either business or holiday travels.

I like to bring different tree branches, which I place in big vases and when decorate with various eggs. Another time is, that I use my many window stills for varous still-leben displaying the various eggs and chicken decoration items.

And usual every year I find some new Easter decoration items for my collection. I will quiet soon share the item of 2019 with you :-)

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